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Family Events

We Believe In Family

ABC School House is very dedicated to work alongside families to help raise healthy children. Part of how we do this is by hosting what we would call Family Celebrations. These celebrations help bring our childrens' families together to experience a fun and memorable time.


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What Parents Say

"My son and I had a good experience with this school when he attended last school year.  I must mention that my son entered this school already a well behaved boy, but I attribute Ms. Wendy and Ms. Mehtab for a lot of the academic success my son has had. He was taught how to write and identify all the letters and sounds and he began reading during this time too. I realize this might not happen for everyone, but I feel ABC School House is greatly responsible for how my son does his homework with such ease and how he is flourishing in his current classroom!

I've had positive experiences with Ms. Mehtab, Ms. Wendy and Bernadette. They are welcoming and have events for the parents and children which helps families get to know each other. Their prices are pretty awesome when you do comparisons around Burbank and I love that their staff members have been there for many years unlike other places that have a quick turnaround.    

Another thing I appreciated from this school is that there is little tolerance for unacceptable behavior.  My son complained very little (if at all) about other children bothering him which is something I miss as now that my son is in public school with a larger classroom, there is more room for bad behavior slipping through the cracks.  

My son is on the introverted side, but he developed many friendships and he often tells me how much he misses ABC School House.  We have gone back to visit the teachers at his request.  Knowing how much this place meant to my son shows me I made the right decision in choosing this school."

-Isabel M.

5 Star Yelp Review

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